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View Diary: Can you work against the social safety net and still call yourself a Democrat? (173 comments)

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  •  Onomastic and Lady Libertine--Wish I had the (4+ / 0-)

    answer as to "what to do."  LOL!

    I remember hearing Ted Sorensen, a former special counsel to JFK, say on Air America Radio only a year or so before he died, that the Democratic Party base should be aware that the Democratic Party leadership loves "wedge issues," the same as Republicans.  This is because they keep their members distracted, while the Party leadership carries out the agenda of the One Percent.

    I was stunned that someone whom I thought was probably a Washington insider, would be that direct.  

    Guess we'll all need to 'sleep on this one.'


    “If a dog won’t come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” -- Woodrow Wilson

    by musiccitymollie on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 11:18:03 AM PST

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