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  •  When we have a tornado warning around (0+ / 0-)

    here, I usually get my kids to a safe spot--then I go out and look. I keep an eye on the weather radar throughout the storm so I can have try to get an idea where it is and which direction it might be moving in.

    The closest I have ever been to a tornado was the only time in my life I have been surprised by one. We had just moved to TN, and didn't even have all our stuff unpacked. Our TV and weather radio, etc. hadn't even been set up yet. We were way out in the country, so there were no tornado sirens anywhere around. A thunderstorm was rolling into the area, and one of the neighbors who saw me outside carrying in a piece of furniture told me that there was a tornado watch for the area.

    I went out back to look so I could see the clouds from the direction the storm was coming from, and there it was--an area up in the sky, rotating rapidly, moving our way. I yelled at the kids to get down--there was no time to get to shelter. I stood there and watched it pass-still up in the sky-perhaps 200 feet from our house. It was running directly along the main road. I could look right up into the center of it. The rotation seemed to be slightly off center, and the clouds in the middle didn't seem to move at all relative to the ring of clouds that were spinning. The air was quite still as it passed, and you could hear a sort of rumbling sound coming from it. About 30 seconds after it passed, we got hit with a shot of intense wind. That tornado traveled up in the sky for miles before it finally touched down in Murfeesboro and destroyed a business.

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