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View Diary: Charles Krauthammer: Sandy Bill "Rape of the Treasury" (15 comments)

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  •  I wish no ill upon Dr. Krauthammer. (9+ / 0-)

    However, even if he himself has been raped he should not insult rape victims by using such violent hyperbole in his political criticism.  If he objects to spending for emergency relief, he can let 'robbery' serve his purpose.

    Also, kiss my fat ass.

    A new birth of freedom..

    by docterry on Sat Jan 05, 2013 at 06:19:22 PM PST

    •  I thought that was Bush's tax cuts. (5+ / 0-)

      Krauthammer hasn't shown such regard for the treasury when Bush gave us his totally unnecessary tax cuts. And if he thought that the Iraq War WAS necessary, why didn't he tell Bush to get off his fat ass and start fighting to win?

      Krauthammer will say almost anything to advance conservatives: a few months before 9/11, he argued that such a terrorist attack was impossible. Now that we've seen it, he hasn't moved from the position that he was defending with that statement: that a missile defense shield is worthwhile because we don't have to worry about terrorists smuggling in a "suitcase bomb."

      The furor over Friday's [10.5] job report revealed a political movement that is rooting for American failure, so obsessed with taking down Obama that good news drives its members into a blind rage. -Paul Krugman

      by Judge Moonbox on Sat Jan 05, 2013 at 08:07:45 PM PST

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    •  It is a bizarre word choice. (3+ / 0-)

      Money doesn't get "raped". He could easily have called it "theft" or "robbery" or whatever.

      •  If this were 50 years ago, (2+ / 0-)
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        worldlotus, NogodsnomastersMary

        or even, perhaps, 20, one could expect that someone who was classically-educated might be accustomed to using the word in its original meaning (as, more-or-less, 'theft') and unaware of the emotional response it provokes when used outside the academic context.

        But it's not 50 years ago. Or even 20. And I'm quite sure Mr. Krauthammer is well aware of the word's impact. In fact, he probably deliberately chose it for that reason. Being offensive is good publicity for Republicans. Ask Ann Coulter.

        "Let’s just move on, treat everybody with firmness, fairness, dignity, compassion and respect. Let’s be Marines." - Sgt. Maj Michael Barrett on DADT repeal

        by kyril on Sat Jan 05, 2013 at 08:51:57 PM PST

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