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View Diary: Taking Back The House 2014: Michele Bachmann (206 comments)

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  •  As a long-range strategy it might be prudent (2+ / 0-)
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    to leave her there.

    She's nationally well known and so obviously nuts that to the rest of the public she makes the Republicans look even crazier than they already are.

    We're not going to get rid of all of them. I think we might be able win even in 2014 by splitting their vote. Fund some more nut cases, as Claire McCaskell did in Missouri, and get them on the ballot. Teabaggers can't resist voting for the "more conservative" candidate. Split the vote and let the Democrat sneak through.

    The Republicans had to let Dems have some seats--but they made 'em 90% blue. That means even their "safe" their districts are more vulnerable, because they had to spread the red around more.

    If we strategically split the vote by using now-legal dark money to fund the right wingnuts, we could win.

    And let Bachman continue making the Republicans look nuts.

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