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View Diary: Why The Death Penalty Should Matter to Progressives (298 comments)

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  •  Better 99 guilty go free (4+ / 0-)
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    Than 1 innocent be condemned.

    According to the Innocence Project, in cases where DNA evidence has exonerated the convicted, 25% of them had given false confessions.

    In fact, false confessions are a problem even in places without the death penalty.  The techniques used (the "Reid Technique") by policy to extract confessions without the death penalty are known in academic literature to frequently bring about false confessions.

    Adding the death penalty only makes it that much worse.  A surprising number of people, kept in a room for 12 hours badgered to confess will do so, out of general fatigue, decision fatigue or just conflict aversion at being made uncomfortable for so long by detectives.

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