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  •  I waffle - Rage and Reason battle in me. (1+ / 0-)
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    I know, intellectually, that the way the death penalty is exercised is racist, it impoverishes already-poor states, and it deters nothing (Look at all the mass killers who "execute" themselves immediately after the rampage - does that deter anybody?). So many of the red states have halted investigations into executions you know they're terrified that the truth of them executing innocent people (mostly poor and black) will come out.

    But some crimes are more equal than others. The justice system is anything but, for POC or for women (and especially for WOC), and that leads to rage and frustration with the system. If rape was treated like a real crime (don't talk to me of Phillip Garrido, I start ranting) and they actually kept some of these shits in jail where they belong, they couldn't go free to commit more and worse crimes. (Many of these multi-murderers have a background that includes some variation on "Oh yeah, 10 years ago he spent 3 months in jail for rape.")

    In the end, though? I kind of have to side with Anthony Hopkins, who during his press tour for Silence of the Lambs, was asked for his opinion about the death penalty. His reply was logic itself: "When you get right down to it, that's destroying evidence in a case, isn't it?"

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