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View Diary: #Syria: #Assad must be defeated on the battlefield (52 comments)

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  •  @Claudius B: Thank you - (0+ / 0-)

    For this link to the Gilbert Achcar interview. I regard Gilbert as the sharpest of the current analysts of the Arab world, and agree with much of his political perspective as well. I'd encourage anyone interested in these issues to either listen to or read his responses  (his remarks on Libya are especially relevat to our debates here)
    But the point he makes is that the current stage of the Arab revolutions is "just the begining". But of course you don't get to any "end" except by passing through the beginning (that's my addendum not his).
    He also offers a summary of his political credo which I wholly subscribe to:
    "I'm not opposed to wars of liberation,  ... I support the right of the oppressed, of those who are under occupation, oppression and the rest to fight by all means necessary for their liberation and emancipation. So, my deep motivation is this right of people to determine themselves, to determine their future, freely and again, justice and equality ...

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