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View Diary: The Progressive Moral Case for the Death Penalty (142 comments)

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    "It cant get much worse" is not an argument. First, yes, it can. Ask 1910s Russia, or 1920s Germany. It can always get worse. Second, that implies that any change is inherently a good one. In which case, demanding that all executions be held on Wednesday morning before The Price is Right by an ex-heavyweight boxer and ice cream truck driver named Brutus would be a meaningful reform. Saying "it can't get much worse" is fine as a conversation starter. But if your supporting argument ends there, as it seems to have done, you've got a problem.

    And, as I've mentioned before, you've got a weird ideological basis for your pro-death penalty stance, at least insofar as you want progressives to adopt it. "Life=money" is very hard to envision as an argument bound to win over a movement that closely aligned itself with Occupy Wall Street, celebrates a self-described socialist as its champion in the Senate, and has spent a decade or more decrying the corrosive influence of money on politics. If that's your argument, I think you may need to go a little deeper and explain why we should consider "property" equivalent to, if not more important than, "life" and "liberty." Because that's not the self-evident argument you seem to think it is.

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