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  •  Nice diary. What do you think of the Krishnas? (1+ / 0-)
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    Back in the day, I worked at a storefront counseling center in the NYC East Village (6th Street?? -- it's a long time ago) that was just a couple of doors away from the Krishnas' NYC headquarters.  I used to love to watch them go by our windows in their saffron robes in the middle of the drabness of the NYC winter and hear the tinkling of their cymbals.  If memory serves, they also had a restaurant where they served food, which, true to cliche, kept you feeling full for only a short time.  I was reading a lot of Gandhi at the time and thought of asking the Krishnas what they thought of him but never got around to it.  (Busy time -- height of the anti-Vietnam-war movement).  But throughout many admittedly superficial interactions, they seemed generally to be quite gentle, joyful people.  (I can't say that's been as generally true of the upper caste Hindus I've met.). The same seems to be true of the couple of people I've met recently who are former Krishnas, but I don't know them well enough yet to ask, "Well, what the hell was THAT all about?"

    So I'd be interested in knowing what the more conventional Hindu community thinks of the Krishnas if you'd care to comment on it.  

    •  Krishnas are respected (0+ / 0-)

      but their outreach is more towards westerners. I don't know of any hare krishnas in india. It could be a cultural thing. Krishna is heavily worshiped Gujurat, where many of the Pandits for the movement are from, and you probably know that a lot of immigrants to America are Gujurati, so they have a lot of influence here. Im from Andhra, and while Krishna is worshipped there, he is not a main God.

      But I like them. I went to Columbia where a bunch of them would regularly come from east village to cook vegetarian food, and I loved talking to them. Their behavior is essentially like any Brahmin's. Except they believe in Krishna as their main God. But it doesn't matter really. We both have the same respect for things like Atman, and Nature.

      Krishna teaches us to control our emotions. Don't be too happy and don't be too sad. We must rein our emotions and our senses as a charioteer reins in his horses.

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