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  •  I don't think he lives in AR anymore, (3+ / 0-)

    he's out of touch with the modern Republican base (population trends, fiscal liberalism and the like), and he's made some pretty outrageous statements since he left the governor position.

    •  outrageous? (1+ / 0-)
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      James Allen

      It is interesting. And good for Pryor and the Democratic Party. This would be the trouble of the Republicans. I will be not defending his chance. But I fear him in the race.

      The last (numeric) news that we have about Huckabee in Arkansas are form the Republican primary of 2008, where he performed well winning the state with more than a 60% of the vote and taking all the delegates of the state.

      In overall terms it is very interesting like a good number of Republicans forget the interest of his own party and are reading more to bids for president, leaving to the Democratic side some important offices in their home states.

      •  You are using data from four years ago.. (2+ / 0-)
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        MichaelNY, James Allen

        That's a problem. Four years ago, Blanche Lincoln was still in the Senate, the Democrats had a 3/4 majority in the state legislature and Mike Huckabee was the only Republican of note in the state (Boozman was never that visible until 2010.

        Since 2008, new voters have emerged in Arkansas, mainly in Saline County, Garland County, Washington County, and Benton County. Most of them were not here during Huckabee's time as governor and only know and like people like Tim Griffin or Steve Womack. The Durmond/Clemency pardons have not helped Huckabee's image within the state, nor his support of Todd Akin, nor his lack of support for Delta residents. Not to mention that the guy was accused by the Club for Growth of supporting five tax increases, and increasing state spending by 65 million dollars. Randy Minton, a former Arkansas State Legislator and Republican claimed that Huckabee's support for constant taxes split the party and probably caused a five-eight year delay of them gaining power. The Cato Institute gave him a "D" for his two terms as governor.

        Point is, Huckabee is a disaster. If he gets through the primary, Mark Pryor will easily take 65% in Little Rock and probably do a bit better in the fiscally conservative, socially apathetic suburbs.

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