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  •  Omaha-Mayor (4+ / 0-)

    Figured I'd drop seme detes on the Omaha mayor race since it became somewhat high-profile when we started off 2011 with a recall, right before recalls became cool.

    There are 5 candidates total in the race:

    Current Mayor Jim Suttle (D)
    City Councilwoman Jean Stothert (R)
    Sen. Brad Ashford (I - former R, but running w D support)
    Former City Council President Dan Welch (R)
    Businessman Dave Nabity (R) (right-wing loudmouth who organized the 2011 recall)

    The race is non-partisan, and the top 2 vote getters in the April primary will go on to the May general.  I am near certain Mayor Suttle will be in the top 2.  The worry is that Sen Ashford will peel away too many Dem votes (Ashford has the backing of Dem former Mayor Mike Fahey).  Personally, I think it could be possible for Ashford to peel enough votes away that Suttle doesn't finish 1st, but I think it's hard to see it being enough to knock Suttle out of the top 2.

    As for the other person in the top 2, I think it will be Jean Stothert.  She is the loudest Republican on the council currently so she gets a lot of press time (aka name rec).  Dan Welch has been out of office and invisible for 5 years.  I think Ashford's indy coalition just won't be enough to put him over the top.  And god help us of wing nut Nabity would be a bit like electing Glen Beck.

    27, NE-2 (resident), IL-9 (part-timer), SD-AL (raised); SSP and DKE lurker since 2007

    by JDJase on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 01:28:49 PM PST

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