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View Diary: Stopping Rush: A Modern David and Goliath Tale (33 comments)

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    I spent nearly 20 years monitoring his show, trying to warn the Democratic party that he was taking over the public's AM radio dial to organize all of the country's know-nothings into a political juggernaut which actually took over and wrecked the country, stopping all progress for nearly 30 years.  

    What I found was abject refusal to believe this from liberals, censorship from sites like the Huffington Post which wouldn't let me accurately describe his loyalists as "rednecks" even though I am a reformed one who escaped from that cesspool of ignorance.  When Dems finally started paying attention and not pooh-poohing my warnings (though many still do) it was too late.

    Along the way I found many interesting people who were aware of the impact he was having.  About 10 years back I was making debunking calls to Rush which made some traction.  When he hung up on me, some of his dittoheads even asked him why he couldn't debate me (he can't debate anyone on anything, just sling mud).  So one Monday he announced after break that he was going to open up the phones to liberals on that Friday in the first hour.  On Friday the very first call of the first hour turned out to be RFK, Jr. wanting to debunk Rush's anti-climate position.  Turns out he was a listener to Rush realizing that this is how the right was taking over the country.  Rush was strangely deferential that day.  Joe Conason documented the call in Salon here: here

    There were many times when we felt Rush had stepped too far over the line, but it became clear after years observation that his listeners are as reckless as he is so there's really nothing you can do to stop him until you change the hearts of perhaps a third of the country who are the most backwards, mean-spirited people on the planet.  They have a word for them taught in the schools of the modern nations, used by them to describe themselves, but strangely censored for use here in this country because it begins to shame them at the same time, the element which is missing which would be applied in any other society they'd repeatedly ruined and slimed so.  But shame is what is missing with the American know-nothing redneck.

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