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  •  No minorities at the top (0+ / 0-)

    Of course I don't expect you to take it seriously. That video simply validates everything I said in my previous post by showing where I found the information, showing photos of the all-white executive staff and their salaries and showing the actual text from Morris Dees' autobiography where he explains that he only made Julian Bond his "honorary President" as a celebrity endorsement.

    In order to take the video seriously you'd actually have to watch it, and we both know that's not very likely.

    This whole conversation began because I posted a legitimate criticism of the SPLC's spurious "hate group" designation. You disagreed with me and prejudged me as "a right wing troll."

    Ironically, you followed that up with  " the first thing a bigot does is accuse others of bigotry." Well, no. The first thing a bigot does is accuse others of being "right wing."

    Let's face it, no matter how much evidence I can produce here, there is not a single legitimate criticism of the SPLC's hiring and fundraising practices that you would be willing to accept.

    Webster's defines bigot as "a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices."

    Nothing anyone says will ever sway you from your opinion of the SPLC. "The SPLC said it. I believe it. That settles it!" At least I'm willing to consider evidence to the contrary. Will you?

    As for my stance and standards, regarding the photos you linked to, what I see is that 7 of the 9 people are among the six-digit salary white execs we've already discussed, and our Ms. Brooks, who is paid about half of what the lowest paid white on that page makes.

    Ms. Shelly is a recent hire and her salary won't be disclosed until this coming March, but either way, as one of several SPLC public relations people, her job is to raise donations and not to influence the operations of the SPLC.

    I do see a couple of other interesting things, though. On Feb. 16, 1994, Dan Morse wrote another article about the SPLC, "Equal Treatment? No Blacks in Center's Leadership," where he first noted the all-white executive suite.

    In November, 2000, investigative journalist Ken Silverstein made the same observation in Harper's Magazine, hardly a right-wing rag.

    And like you, I too went back through all of the SPLC's Form 990s from 2001 to the present day, looking for even one single minority at the top, with no luck.

    Dan Morse also noted that all of the staff at the SPLC's "Teaching Tolerance" diversity program were white in 1994. Going back through the SPLC's archives, I learned that all of Teaching Tolerance's directors have been white, except for a brief interregnum around 2010, where Lecia Brooks served as "interim director," for several months until she could be replaced by blue-eyed Maureen Costello, also pictured on your linked page.

    Maybe I'm idealistic, but I do have a predilection to believe that a minority viewpoint might prove beneficial to a 23-year old diversity program headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama.

    I also see a photo of Dr. Heidi Beirich, who was hired within a month of her colleague Mark Potok, shown next to her,  in 1998. Dr. Beirich and Mr. Potok both did the same kind of public relations work for over a decade, with Dr. Beirich penning articles and making public and media appearances, just like Mr. Potok.

    Dr. Beirich has a PhD and two Masters degrees, while Mr. Potok has a BS in Political Science. Mark Potok makes $150,000 a year. Dr. Beirich makes half of that, or less.

    Call me a "right wing troll," but I believe in equal pay for equal work. That's my stance.

    As mentioned, the SPLC will release their next Form 990 in March. If the numbers change and Ms. Brooks and Ms. Shelly are paid the same as their white counterparts, I will recant.

    If Dr. Beirich, who now holds the Intelligence Project Director title that Mr. Potok held all those years, is paid comparably to her predecessor, I will recant.

    Until then, I will continue to review the SPLC's own documents and statements and evaluate them accordingly. I've done the research and I've cited my sources.

    If you think the data is wrong then simply refute it and back it up with something more substantial than cognitive dissonance.

    •  didn't answer my questions. and... (0+ / 0-)

      cognitive dissonance

      "You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”
      •  Answers (0+ / 0-)

        I've noticed that your replies get shorter while mine are getting longer. No matter.

        "Are these people not paid?  Are they not influential in the SPLC?  Are some of them not people of color?"

        1. Yes. Those people are paid. The blacks are paid half of what the whites make.

        2. No. The museum director and public relations agent are not influential in the SPLC. They are not in decision-making positions of authority.

        3. Yes. Two of nine are persons of color who are paid half of what most of the whites make, except Dr. Heidi Beirich.

        "So, because this private organization doesn't meet YOUR standards, none of the good work they do has any validity?"

        Well, since my standards include diversity at all levels and equal pay for equal work, as well as truth in advertising, then no, the SPLC falls far short of my standards as described above.

        I guess what you're saying is that they meet yours, though.

        As for their "good works," if you actually look at their case docket on their web-site, you'll see that the vast majority of their cases involve suing impoverished school districts and filing law suits on behalf of  illegal immigrants.

        I won't say it's not important work, but it's pretty low hanging fruit for a civil rights law firm that took in more than $31 million in tax-free donations last year (about $4,400 dollars each and every hour). That figure doesn't include the tens of millions they make in interest on their quarter-BILLION dollar cash reserves.

        When you compare it to what a group like the Innocence Project has done, freeing hundreds of wrongfully convicted people from prison and Death Row, on a fraction of the SPLC's budget, I don't see much comparison from a civil rights point of view.

        Still, if you're happy with the SPLC's practices then you should send them money, early and often. Your $100 dollar donation will match their current revenue stream for nearly 80 seconds.

        As for cognitive dissonance, it's simply a matter of the mind compensating for conflicting information. You believe that Group A is great, someone introduces evidence to the contrary, you negate that information by writing them off as "a right-wing troll" and voila, you don't have to address the contrary information.

        BTW, I like the recipe too. It looks yummy, and it's a lot easier than refuting the numbers.

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