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  •  Take Boehner off the list. (2+ / 0-)
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    3goldens, auron renouille

    His district (and mine) is a lost cause without the national party being willing to spend millions on it for several cycles to chew away at his numbers.  And they're not willing to work for the long haul, they'd rather keep the money elsewhere.  It's gerrymandered to safely deliver him up 65% of the vote, no matter what, as well.

    So put your effort into other districts, and simply take away the majority leader position from him, let him play minority leader again.

    •  Nice try (1+ / 0-)
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      But my mother's family is based in Ogden, Utah, one of the most conservative districts in the country.  It's more conservative than John Boner's own district.  I know conservatives.  Mr. House Majority Leader's district is extremely conservative, hasn't been represented by a Democrat in ages, at least not for the last five or more decades.

      The bottom line is, it's not the money that counts.  It's the message.  I spent quite a bit of time promoting Jerry Tetalman's campaign on Kos and considering the guy's campaign funds didn't even compare to the campaign funds Rob Zerban or Christine Vilsack, Tetalman won over 110,000 in a conservative district.  You're talking about a one-man operation on Kos which started from September 2012 - November that ended up increasing voter turnout.

      We need to stop thinking like Rahm Emanuel and start thinking like Howard Dean.

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