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  •  The PDF version is here (0+ / 0-)

    American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

    The HTML version is here

    It's only 59 pages but, fair warning, much of it refers to other public laws or sections thereof and amends (or removes) a section or a paragraph or even just a sentence. To actually see those changes in context you would have to bring up those laws and go to those sections to see what else is there. Incidentally, this is how loopholes and giveaways often make their way into laws (especially the Tax Code) because it is obfuscated from the reader unless they go and read the other law being changed.

    Generally, you can either go to or and there is a section for current bills (e.g. bills in progress not yet voted on) and those will link to all of the information about the bill at  Thomas at the Library of Congress site. Bills that are voted on or even amendments voted on ahead of the vote on the bill will link to Thomas.

    What makes it difficult if you don't go through that way is that in order for the Senate to pass something like this first Harry Reid has to pull up a House passed revenue bill and replace the entire text of that bill by amendment. So if you don't know what the original bill was numbered or titled (in this case H.R. 8) it can be hard to find.

    While the sausage making is going on the text of the bill would have a giant section of text all formatted as strike-through followed by the new text of the bill as an amendment.

    The PDF links usually go to

    At some point after the bill is passed and becomes law - signed into law by the President or the President doesn't sign it and the time for him to act expires - it can be found by its public law designation which would be something on the order of P.L. 112-xxx where xxx is the ordinal number of the law i.e. the nth law created in the 112th legislative session. I believe this one would be 252 but it hasn't been published yet.

    I only post this if you should ever decide to go and look up a bill or law. Generally it saves people a  lot of time if diarists or commenters would post a link to it if they have it.

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