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  •  I'm not actually terrified we 'can't do it again' (1+ / 0-)
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    but I certainly agree that any time you have a chance to get something good done in politics it should be done 'right now', because you never know what will come along.  On the other hand if, after all the wrangling, what you get as a 'compromise' has more cons than pros, I think the better long term strategy is to abandon it and try again later.  Where that hits 'differing opinions' is in the judgments of the balance between pros and cons of any given deal.  

    I'd actually also like to see lots of 'small deals' that could potentially be run through quickly, than any 'grand bargains'.  Small, focused deals let you keep out extraneous pork spending that always lards up grand bargains and omnibuses, and lets you focus on convincing Republicans that whatever it is you want actually benefits them.  Chances are, it will benefit enough of them, but every time you add on something else, fewer and fewer of them will be willing to agree to all of the additions.

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