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View Diary: 2,200+ Limbaugh Sponsors - Gone! (127 comments)

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    Just wanted to stop in and congratulate everyone who worked so hard on this.

    Back in 2004 I started writing advertisers about the violent rhetoric from RW radio hosts at KSFO and asking them to remove their financial support of these people. The key was to make it clear that this was not a boycott and that we were not about wanting to censor or limit the speech of the host.

    It was about a sponsor not wanting to associate their brand with the vile things that the hosts were saying.

    We didn't have twitter or even Facebook. It was done via email and phone. We didn't even have a place to host the audio clips that would stand up to ABC/Disney (the parent company) The right wing fought back and tried to sue me for copyright violations. With the help of the Electronic Frontier Foundation we beat them back. We won. I taught the same techniques to HatehurtsAmerica to use on Michael Savage. Later I advised Color of Change on the campaign to get advertisers to leave Glenn Beck. That lead to Beck losing his TV show.
    (Here is me questioning Murdoch on how long he will subsidize Beck. The answer turned out to be just one year)

    Focusing on their revenue stream is very powerful in corporate America.   Even Murdoch has to answer to shareholders.

    The main stream media don't want to talk about just how successful these campaigns are and badly this has hurt the  finances of  the people paying Limbaugh.  When you make the financial conference calls of a major media corporation that's a big deal.

    I predicted that belief tanks like Heritage and Freedom Works (and RW political ads) would fill in the gaps for Limbaugh. What I want to know is if Limbaugh will be forced to take less money since he is bringing in less revenue. What still pisses off the right is that they can't get their propaganda to make money. They had a good ride with Limbaugh since advertisers were paying for the propoganda. Now,  like the Washington Times (subsidized for decades by the Rev. Moon) they have to lose money to push their ideas that the "free market" works.

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