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    The old addage...."keep your friends close, and your enemies closer", drives me to occationally listen to Rush while in the car.   The downside is that I get so furious with Rush that I submit my radio to severe verbal abuse.   I recently listened to Rush promote the idea Democrats "hate rich people".   It started small and he built it into a full out rant and by the time he was in full stride, I'm certain that his "faithful" listeners were absolutely convinced that Democrats were out to distroy all the rich people.    He started with a premise that was faulty, and then built it into a "fact".   He carries this technique through in every rant he presents.   I personally find it disturbing that so many people fail to see through his deceptions.  Perhaps it points to a failure in our education system.    I urge everyone to spend a few minutes listening to Rush so that you might understand why so many (common) people "warship at the temple" of Rush Limbaugh.

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