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View Diary: Spiegel's interview on: "The End of Working Class Men in America!" UPDATED (51 comments)

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  •  But I think we need to fight for an (0+ / 0-)

    economy that creates jobs, rather than for a stronger social safety net. Yes, we can have both, but I don't hear much clamor for unions, just safety nets. I think, and this may get me flamed here, that men are wired to provide. It is how they identify themselves as worthy and take part in society. You can't change their hardwiring, it is the result of their testosterone, imo. They don't want safety nets, they still feel useless, and their dignity is overlooked. They want jobs to provide for their families. Yes, women do to, but they aren't hardwired that way. If they take time off to raise children, or do volunteer work, their dignity is not harmed. They are hardwired to nurture. That is why, as also said in the article, there are plenty of teaching/nursing jobs, traditionally held by women, that men aren't taking. I don't think it is because they see it as a loss of dignity. I think it is because those jobs are nurturing jobs, something they know they are subordinate in skill at because it isn't inherent in them. And no, I don't think women should stay home and have kids, and pregnant and kitchen, etc. It is they way we are made.

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