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  •  One hour at a time -- and longer term (19+ / 0-)

    because "one day at a time" doesn't really capture this kind of slog. Been there, often.

    The daily routine does pull a person forward after this kind of life-transition. I'm glad to hear you have work to look forward to that also engages you with students (lucky students!) and ideas. I too teach, and these breaks between semesters are hard -- I feel I should get out of the house more, should get more done on projects, should prepare thoroughly for the semester ahead, but it's undefined time and much more difficult than a weekly class schedule.

    Suggestion: think about some sort of special trip, during spring break or once classes are over in the spring -- some place you've always wanted to go, or friends who live in some cool place who invite you to visit -- or just be prepared to say "yes -- love to" when someone offers. I went through cancer treatment & divorce in the same six months (more than ten years ago), and some friends offered me a chance to go with them to southern Spain for ten days. It was wonderful (and sunny, after a long New England winter). And then whenever anyone asked me, "Are you taking good care of yourself?" in that worried tone of voice, I would just say "Well, I'm going with friends to the Costa del Sol for ten days in March," and then "Well, I just got back from ten days on the Costa del Sol," and that let me and everyone else know that I was moving forward.

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