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  •  I thought the purpose of Daily Kos was (2+ / 0-)
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    Kvetchnrelease, Bronx59

    to elect more and better Democrats and not to engage in religious wars, open old wounds, incite hatred towards people of diverse faiths, and perpetuate misunderstandings, myths, stereotypes, and cultural biases.  

    You will find the vast majority of American Catholics on those states colored blue on your map.  We do not all think alike or share all the positions of the Vatican.  The most delightful discussion I've had in the last year was with my mother's 92 year old girl friend concerning the follies of the Church concerning women and she is a devout Catholic.  

    Many Catholics like my own family came to this country to escape religious hatred not to wallow in it.

    •  Electing Republicans is the goal of the Catholic (5+ / 0-)

      episcopate and the Vatican. (Where have you been during the last four presidential elections??) This is not about the Catholic laity.  No one that I know of is "inciting" anything except to expose the hyprocrisy and political agenda of the current Catholic leadership. (I'm a cradle Catholic, too.)

      •  Politics is as old as theology in the Church too (0+ / 0-)

        I'm just saying that you've pulled something out of its theological context to make a political point and it is particularly unhelpful for people who don't even have several years of Catholic education to have some clue of where this Cardinal might have been coming from.  

        It's not useful to rant against the Vatican.  It's going to take a St. Augustine or St. Thomas Aquinas with divine intervention to unravel the theological mess.  

        Don't make it a religious battle.  It can't be won that way.  We have to fight the political fight and so far we are bringing at least half of American Catholics with us.  And Catholics will make their own views known through the collection plate.  

        •  Greenbell, you're making this something it surely (1+ / 0-)
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          is not. As a matter of fact, I studied for a Masters in Theology and no one is making this a "religious battle." It is about the underlying reason for the episcopate's political battles against contraception and abortion. And p.s. about the "collection plate." The Church in the U.S. is now funded primarily from the same donor source as the other "dark money" PACs and SuperPACs.

          •  Until the theological basis for these teachings (0+ / 0-)

            is reinterpreted the Church cannot change.  Now, there certainly are biases and political agendas that may be preventing the Vatican from taking a good look at the theology but just ranting on about sexist clergy isn't going to change anything.  What's the point?  

            There are one million Catholics in the 20 miles surrounding my home and I live in one of the most liberal Congressional districts in the country.   People listen to the Church and evaluate what they hear in the context of their personal experience and the Church isn't winning hearts and minds.  

            When I visit my Mom her priest is Sudanese and my uncle's is Kenyan.  They can't even write a letter to the mothers of priests around here unless they mail it to Africa.  

    •  It's very sad (0+ / 0-)
      not to engage in religious wars, open old wounds, incite hatred towards people of diverse faiths, and perpetuate misunderstandings, myths, stereotypes, and cultural biases.  
      that you would reduce the obvious, institutionalized misogyny of your hierarchy to a misunderstanding. Even sadder is that you find it necessary to pretend that anyone is criticizing the Catholic laity.

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