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  •  Each congregation is unique. (3+ / 0-)
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    You don't state your denomination, but it you seem to be taking your congregation as representative of something much larger. It's not.

    My experience has been with United Methodist congregations.
    In Hyde Park, a liberal enclave in Chicago, the UM congregations was known as a liberal bastion for the neighborhood.
    Another congregation I attended for a long time had come out of the Swedish Methodist tradition, and the membership, and especially hte leadership, was conservative as hell.
    The congregation I attend now, within walking distance of the last, is considered a liberal bastion. It has a rainbow flag out front,

    The UMC use of the nominating committee is standard. I've served on it, and the task is getting people who would be willing to serve. If you want to be on a committee, why not ask whether they'd be willing to have you.
    In general, as in otehr organizations, saying that you want to work at something gets you a better response than saying that you want to be in charge.
    Many, many groups that select their successors only think about people like themselves. It ain't necessarily selfish; it's that i know Joe and I know he'd do it if I twisted his arm.

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