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  •  Good Points, All True (none)
    And I have some insight into this.

    Here is the crux/thrust of this great piece of writing:

    I was completely astounded by the number and the quality of Democratic achievements over the last 100 years.  The data screamed out at me, "What in the hell is wrong with my party if they can't tell this story, if they can't remind middle America of what we have done for them?"

    It's a heck of a lot of reading/listening to get to that. Republican strategists, generally corporate hacks when they aren't in politics, know how to communicate efficiently. Just look at business communication. Fast and snappy. Does it say much? Not really and that irks us. But in jingoistically fluffing what it advocates as good, and with neat slashes disembowling that which it views as bad, it motivates.

    Too many liberals, you and me both, are tempted to try to take our listeners on the same journey we went on to find a particular truth. Well here's a parable: Fogmorton the Hobbit goes on a long and elaborate quest through many perils and finds a magic monkeywrench under a glowing mushroom deep in the valley of Too Much Information. He returns home through marginally fewer trials to report to the Gnomish Council of Bubbledycrock. Now the fact is that Fogmorton has that magic monkeywrench in the bottom of his sack, but being a thoughtful and perhaps even wistful fellow, Fogmorton feels that to appreciate the significance and all of the sturm and drang of the magic monkey wrench, that the entire Gnomish Council must trundle after him to the selfsame mushroom beneath which the wrench was found. Along the way are many instances where it would be helpful to pull the wrench out to dispense with bothersome complications, but Fogmorton feels that the relic must not be used in vain. Gnome after gnome leaves the party. Some are eaten, some sink, some become pirates, others are ensnared by the clear dulcet tones pealing out from the battle horns of the Burly Warmongers and they turn to the other side to toil the rest of their days in cavern foundries in physical misery but still enraptured by beautiful and simply understood lies. At long last, beneath the now manifestly less luminescent mushroom, Fogmorton performs a slight of hand and restores it to where he found it. It is a small party of gnomes indeed who see it. And now these few, these very few, while they have the luxury of using the relic, have hardly the strength left among them to lift it, and the way home is dark. Perhaps through fright and peril they can deliver the monkey wrench home in time to save it from the Villainous Rotroot and his army of trolls and batwinged nut-o-phants who, at the very moment the group left, had been sawing away at the very pillars of that fair land for years.

    No snark intended. That it is delivered in much the same manner as what it would condemn, I hope is proof enough there is no reproach in it, only a hope for swiftness and surefootedness in the future from all of us.

    •  Fogmorton Parable (none)
      I enjoyed this parable about Fogmorton very much and am grateful to get any comment.  I do not take offense.  I am clearly too long winded and not a good editor.

      But I am also very frustrated by the my party's seeming lack of message, lack of direction, and lack of conviction.

      So I just put all my acorns out there.  Will any of our party leadership read this?  Will it do any good?  I don't know.  But maybe, just maybe, one of our blind pigs will stumble over an acorn or two.

      I do write short pieces on specific subjects.  See my other diaries.


      •  Me Too Though (none)
        I get whacked with that all the time in my business even though I find I am writing at about sixth grade level, but that's the old liberal "sixth grade level."

        Yes I hate writing diaries and getting few comments. I hate to see what would be a really great piece on the paghes of The Nation go to waste here. Some posters get away with it when they develop a following though, but I don't know how many people who recommend those diaries really read them through sometimes.

        I'll check your page. I agree with you very strongly.

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