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View Diary: Boehner backing off debt limit threat: 'Not the ultimate leverage' (89 comments)

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    DSPS owl, sharman, Matt Z

    Every spending bill that increases the debt should include a provision increasing the debt limit by that amount. It's common sense.

    Filibuster reform now. No more Gentleman's agreements.

    by bear83 on Mon Jan 07, 2013 at 11:32:13 AM PST

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    •  Actually that's what it means... (1+ / 0-)
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      At least as far as the currency is concerned. This Debt Ceiling isn't worth the time it takes to type it. If you as the holder of the "Purse" are signing off on spending on something then it's implicit that you will be paying that bill when it comes due or taking out loans to cover it's interest.

      The Debt Ceiling is powerless in my opinion. Taking it to the SCOTUS would prove that beyond a shadow of doubt. These guys in Congress really don't want that to happen.

      "I think it's the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately." -- George Carlin, Satirical Comic,(1937-2008)

      by Wynter on Mon Jan 07, 2013 at 01:16:10 PM PST

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