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View Diary: A demoralized James Dobson admits his defeat (278 comments)

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  •  Let me explain this to you again, Jim (6+ / 0-)

    1. Making abortion illegal doesn't stop abortion. It only limits availability of abortion services from competent, reputable, licensed medical providers to those few who are lucky enough to have both lots of money and the right connections. Criminalizing abortion doesn't save a single unborn child's life--but it does ensure that a certain amount will have their mothers killed along with them.

    2. Gay marriage already exists. It always has existed, ever since the first Homo sapiens developed a lasting sexual bond with another human of the same sex. Gay and lesbian couples are right now living together, raising children together, sharing finances and property, seeing each other through all the predictable crises of adult life, even being faithful to each other, and as with straight marriages the people involved as well as society as a whole benefits from these arrangements in terms of happier, more stable communities. There is no reason, other than custom, for our government not to formally acknowledge and even encourage these unions.

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