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View Diary: Outside pressure for real filibuster reform building (68 comments)

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  •  It's NOT "Real Reform!" (0+ / 0-)

    Unless they just flat eliminate the filibuster altogether -- which they are not even considering!

    The "talking filibuster" is worthless. How can anybody think that Republicans can be "embarrassed" into stopping their obstruction of some bill or nominee by making them stand up (in shifts so they won't get too tired BTW), and pontificate for days on end? They'd love it and Fox News would put up the best clips of blather on national TV to scenes of terrific applause from wing-nuttia.

    Has anybody NOT been paying attention the last 4 years? They're not embarrassed to vote for the Ryan budget! And then campaign against Democrats for "cutting medicare!"

    They have ZERO shame and cannot be "shamed" into "doing the right thing" by days of speeches in the Senate. They will get up and blatantly lie for days on end and the news media will say "both sides are to blame for the partisan gridlock" and on we go.

    NOTHING WILL CHANGE under this nothing "reform" except the same old gridlock under new rules.

    Unless they get RID of the idiotic and undemocratic rules by which the minority can block legislation we can expect the exact same scenes to play out -- only with MORE speeches on the floor of the senate! Wonderful.

    Quite frankly Feinstein's idea of prohibiting the filibustering of judicial nominees would be at least a useful starting point. This "talking filibuster reform" will be ONE HUGE WASTE OF TIME!

    Within 6 months everybody on these boards will recognize this "reform" for the complete failure that it is.

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