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  •  It also only reinforces the theme of the NRA (12+ / 0-)

    teaching kids from an early age the only way you can protect yourself is with a gun. Parents might feel safer knowing there is an armed guard at their child's elementarty school, however kids will just accept it in their stride, and the lesson will be implanted in their young minds, that guns are necessary to protect yourself. That is a danger that I have not heard discussed at all. I don't think I want the little children growing up with that mindset.

    •  NRA's reasoning fails, totally, to comprehend the (5+ / 0-)

      basic purpose of schools.  Just sending kids off to armed camp becomes more like summer camp at the police academy rather than going to learn to read and cipher!

      •  You learn more at school than just to read and (7+ / 0-)

        cipher. That part is easy, what is hard is to teach children right and wrong, how to get along with others, and be good citizens. Teachers have to deal with conflicting information when it comes to teaching these values, reading and ciphering offers no conflictiing inforamtion.  Try telling children there are better ways to settle your differences when they come to school every day seeing armed guards. Better we should limit the amount of guns and protect our kids that way, then we are not just protecting their little bodies, but their little minds as well.

    •  Yep (2+ / 0-)
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      Kevskos, blue aardvark

      My fear too. And it's not just that incidents of violence will increase (which they will, of course).  The saturation of guns and the mindset of "you must be armed to be safe" is an inherently violent society.  The threat of violence would be pervasive, a daily experience of trauma and fear.

      And what kills me about this "arm everyone" approach is that it is self-fulfilling, and you can see this in the gun-rush that happens after each massacre.  The NRA and gun manufacturers have a vested interest in more episodes of violence precisely because it makes the all-violence-all-the-time world they imagine closer to a reality.  It's that classic pathology of that guy who's entire identity is premised on "protecting" his family--it's only a matter of time before that entitled violence is directed inward, against those he's supposed to be protecting.  

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