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View Diary: SCOTUS declines to review Georgia gun law (187 comments)

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    Rugbymom: Neither do you know if that person walking by in the mall is a murderer, rapist or child molester, nor if the person merging from the on-ramp has half a dozen DUI convicvtions. You do not seem to be afraid of this, yet are concerned that someone with no criminal record whatsoever (or they would not have a concealed carry permit) might be carrying a weapon? We, all of us, do not wear our varying statuses and preferences in red letters on our chests.

    I agree it is really up to the person concerned to declare their weapon, and there is little way to enforce it short of searching everyone at the door, but that does not invalidate someone's permit to carry concealed in places other than your private property. It would be like saying "because you cannot smoke in restaurants, you cannot smoke anywhere".

    I do think a stated-at-the-door policy on guns might be somewhat self-selective. "Gun friendly" places might be less popular with the gun-averse and vice versa. And if someone tempted to defy such policy on principle knows they face criminal charges for doing so, it would be a deterrent, especially if it could put their legal concealed carry status at risk.

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