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  •  Happy Monday (8+ / 0-)

    Having Internet connectivity issues still and it seems to be getting worse.
    According to our provider, the wires and some kind of box in our area need replacing and supposedly that's going to cost a half million dollars to do and they just don't want to do it.
    So, we continue to pay 65 dollars a month for WIFI that is not reliable or consistent.
    Not much we can do about it.
    The phone company is an Internet provider, and we had them for years using dial-up and at first it was okay but that kept getting worse and worse.
    Every time it rained or got windy or too cold or too hot the Internet went down.
    The Phone Company only offered so many WIFI connections here, and we were unable to get one, so we canceled our land-line and dropped them and went with the cable company.
    The only thing we buy from the cable company is WIFI but it is mighty discouraging.
    I wonder if people living in cities have the same problem?
    It just seems criminal to me that we keep paying a rather high monthly rate for a product that is unsatisfactory and substandard.
    That's my beef!

    Dinner was ham sandwiches and milk.
    I just didn't feel like cooking.

    Hope everyone has a nice Monday!

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