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View Diary: White House might use Medicare reform momentum to push further health care reform (95 comments)

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  •  Allowing 50-and-older to buy in.... (5+ / 0-)

    ... and pay premiums... to Medicare would be a tremendous boon to small businesses (and even larger ones).  

    Health insurance costs start really going up for employees over 50, and those costs are still rising by leaps and bounds on an annual basis.  The small company I work for has to research and renegotiate this every year -- and a number of us, including owners, their spouses and employees, are now over that magic age, so those increases really hurt (and they really do try to get the best insurance they can for us, too).

    Having the option of being able to buy into Medicare for older employees, and having that cost be PREDICTABLE and relatively stable from year to year, would be a huge help to small and medium businesses -- for whom health benefits are a huge expense.

    And on the average, most people in that age group are still pretty healthy, so that's money going IN to Medicare.  

    Come up with a fair premium, it's still likely to be less than what private insurers want, AND it won't jump by 20% or more every year, which is good news for businesses.

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