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View Diary: Arizona's Rep. Matt Salmon: "It's about time" we default! (46 comments)

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  •  true, but it will happen. slowly, to be sure, but (2+ / 0-)
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    Ian H, left rev

    eventually the republican party, per se, will cease to exist.  they might (probably) go by another name, but the gop is toast & the debt ceiling manufactured crisis is the final act of their obscene, delusional play.

    i agree the media deserves much of the blame for taking the easy-way-out & not calling the r's on their obvious treason vis a vis the plan use economic terrorism to usurp a democratically elected govt, but where are the democratic party leaders -- or business leaders, for that matter -- who should be taking up the slack?  the money interests are going to take a royal beating if the r's do what they're threatening, & yet they're strangely silent.

    the dnc/wh made a bad error when it chose to abandon howard dean's 50-state strategy, imo.  otherwise, the hardline righties wouldn't be so well-entrenched in the lower rungs of power that they are.

    it will not be an easy fight, but the ones worth fighting rarely are.

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