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View Diary: WTF?! $30 Billion to end hunger?! (97 comments)

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    isabelle hayes

    take seriuously the problems of people we do not see. There are hungry people all over the world, including right here in the US. But they are invisible to us as a society. We have blinders on. We as Americans are very self involved. Most people in this country have not thought about hungry people in a very serious or deep way. As long as it does not happen to us or people we know we do not care.

    Food and water are basic security issues. And the "free markets" have done a very poor job of distributing food and water fairly. Same goes for housing. We are drowning in abudence while the rest of the world toils to provide us everything we want. And at cheap prices. The price we pay for that is a bloated and outsized military to protect our "national interests". Climate change is only going to make matters worse. Crops will be harder to grow and we will see more natural disasters. Where we could with our wealth and our universities and our research facilities be providing solutions we waste our time on useless wars and political bickering over outdated useless ideologies that do not work and have never worked. Face it for 5.5 billion people capitalism is a complete bust. But for about 3 million people worldwide it works really well for them. How is this just?

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