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View Diary: The war on drugs is a war on people (210 comments)

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  •  But what's the cost we pay for that (1+ / 0-)
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    Denise Oliver Velez

    hypothetically reduced amount of abuse?

    The power structure in America -- that including all middle-class-and-up, mostly white Americans -- by and large does not bear those costs.  We might indeed share in any increase in abuse that occurs due to legalization or decriminalization.  So there's the bind, isn't it?  The threat is real, or at least debatable.  The costs are invisible, born by others.  

    (The number one reason that marijuana is so easy by comparison to legalize; it's so unthreatening to the middle class.)

    All I can say is keep reading.  I could have written your comment word for word even a few months ago, but here I am arguing against it now.

    •  What's the cost? (0+ / 0-)

      That's the $64,000 question, ain't it?

      It's a bit arrogant of you to assume that my opinion is the result of simple ignorance, isn't it?  "Just read these tracts, and you'll become a true believer!"

      It doesn't matter how much I read about the negative effects of the Drug War; that's not going to change my concern over the negative effects of ending it.

      I may change my opinion on which is more negative, but right now it's difficult to see trading one for the other.

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