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  •  The thing with cilantro (8+ / 0-)

    must be individual physiology or something. Taste like soap? Not to me, it is essential to making fresh salsa and other stuff. But I know other people who can't stand it, never figured that out.
    L&H Vs A&C, neither, I'm a Marxist, well, Marx and Lennon (that is Groucho and John).
    The right height for a tree is whatever it thinks is the right height. Around here the oaks and maples, beech and ash all seem to top out around 80 to 100 feet. If that was all a sequoia would do, would we care about them so much?
    Martinis not being my thing, I can only repeat Maddow's advice, a shaken martini has more water in it than a stirred one, so if you want to keep your 007 reflexes intact, go for the shaken. And true Martinis are gin, no? That's why a vodka martini is called "Vodka Martini". Maddow also says "don't eat the garnish" so twist is probably safer. As for anything in a martini glass is a martini, is anything in a boot a foot? Do you have cats?
    First series.
    The century from 1850 to 1950. The industrial age was booming, plenty of stuff still needed to be invented, an individual with a good imagination and a little bit of skill could not only invent new stuff, but find backers and get that stuff out into the world (as opposed to today when much of the simple stuff is already under patent, it takes an army to invent new things and the financiers end up owning them).
    Here in CT we are still pining for our Ella. She was the best governor of this state in my lifetime. She brought us into the modern world in many ways and was taken from us way too early.
    Connecticut is almost two separate states (funny because we're like third smallest), the eastern half is relatively rural and until the 70s, sparsely populated with a decided predilection toward the 18th century. The Western half is greater NYC. Somewhere around New Haven it split.
    Services from the state didn't generally show up in Eastern CT, infrastructure investment, social enhancements, all west of Branford. Ella changed that. The Technical College in Norwich is named after her. Many other things started under her admin, but the subsequent Republican admins have done their best to eradicate her works and her memory.
    If nothing else, it was a source of pride that we had elected the first woman governor that was not filling in for a dead husband.

    If I ran this circus, things would be DIFFERENT!

    by CwV on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 08:47:47 AM PST

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