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View Diary: The family of Richard Myers needs our help (70 comments)

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    madlyblue @ msn .com (without the spaces)

    I talked to Tina, and candy about this. COWoman did come by and talk to them and take pictures even. Tina and Candy both liked COWoman and trust her to take the money for them. the land lord does not like them, and wants to evict them (he hated Richards being an activist), rent is due this Friday 01/11/2013 and they need 638 dollars. they don't have any of it . after this month, they wont be in a bad place and will not need money. they do not have a bank account. COWoman will have to withdraw the money a day or two before friday and then drive over with the money.

    so now is the time. paypal madlyblue @ msn .com (without the spaces)

    Email me if you want. gwa 492 @ comcast [dot] net (no spaces)

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