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  •  Motorcycle trip California to Georgia and back (6+ / 0-)

    My favorite road trip was a motorcycle trip I took from California to Georgia.  The best snippet from the trip is this one, I think:

    12:21p - Wednesday, 12:30pm, Lake City, CO
    I was planning to get gas in Creede, but passed it by because it looked like there was a more likely place just down the road. There wasn't. And there was no good place to turn around. Lake City was going to be at about 160 miles on that tank, which would be a real stretch depending on when the fuel light came on. But I kept going because I'm stupid that way. I was rooting on the fuel light to stay off, until it turned on. Then I was trying to ride in the most fuel-efficient manner possible. It would help if I knew precisely what that was. Then, at about 150 miles, I was rooting for the bike to just keep running. Just past the top of Sumgullion Pass, there was a road crew working and I asked the flagger if they had any gas; they didn't. He said it was all downhill to town, about 10 miles away, so I just turned off the bike, put it in neutral, and coasted down the mountain for about 8 miles. I was giggling the whole way, especially when I passed a dump truck. I had to fire it up the last couple of miles to the gas station, where I put in 3.762 gallons. I think it holds 3.8.
    I documented each day's route on this page, and posted a blog with pictures along the way on my LiveJournal

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