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View Diary: NO! Pandering to the Rape Culture. (264 comments)

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  •  Well, I'm sure the well- seasoned male feminists (0+ / 0-)

    understood from the git-go that you didn't mean THEM -- "exceptions to the rule", after all.  ( I know I didn't)

    And granted: the number of FEMALE rapists IS very very small ... at least outside the jails and prisons.

    The problem is: at the moment the term "Rape Culture" is a rather powerful meme Once   a respectable and useful  term in feminist thinking, it is gaining currency and popularity in mainstream writing. But it is one about whose boundaries and definitions there is a bit of room for discussion.    (If you ask Andrea Dworkin ... all Patriarchy and "penetrative sex" are Rape.  If you ask Dossie Easton ... maybe not so much.)

    But leaving the Outliers where they are:

    Some of our military allies:  India, Pakistan and Afghanistan HAVE oppressive patriarchal subcultures that DO explicitly use rape as a medium of social control --- as opposed to other patriarchal systems "in the region" that rely more on religious police and courts.

    Talking about this offers a problem to some commentators:   If one CALLS India's annual  record of 600-odd prosecutions and fewer than ten convictions in rape cases a "Rape Culture" -- isn't that a Eurocentric, colonialist attitude,  victimizing the victims of centuries of  Imperialist Rule?

    On the other hand "ain't they (a) Women ?"

    If one notices that the ANC has more or less sidelined the issue of violence against women until other, "more important"  issues are resolved -- isn't that racist?

    And what DO we say (if anything) about Sudan and Congo ?

    Do "false equivalencies" only matter when Right Wing apologists compare Democrats to Republicans ?

    So ... yeah, the Broad Brush may be entirely justified, in one sense ...  but it  DIDN"T focus or clarify your point -- at least not for those who most needed to see it.

    •  I wanted a more global focus... (0+ / 0-)

      But that was a little harder to zoom in on, so I used my personal trigger and only gave lip service to the poor woman in India... and had the brave Malala of Pakistan and most of the countries you mention in my mind.

      The rape culture is pretty much a worldwide phenomena.

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