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View Diary: NO! Pandering to the Rape Culture. (264 comments)

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  •  Um... you do know what case we're discussing (7+ / 0-)
    Police and Prosecutors USED to be horrific enablers of rapists ... guilty of all the "asking for it", "provocatively dressed", "it was a miscommunication" excuses mentioned above.  But that was the '70s.  Since then, with more women becoming District Attorneys and supervisor-grade Police Officers -- we see a lot less less of that sort of thing.  (At least in  Blue states.) And, with time and greater gender equality in police hiring and judicial politics, there will be less and less excuse making.
    Police "accidentally" erased the tweets and photos and videos, (female) prosecutor ignores evidence of more people on the team participating... oh yeah, her son is on the team.  The entire fricking TOWN was enabling these low-lifes.  So you're going to ignore it because it doesn't happen in blue states?  Or it doesn't count in parts of blue states?  Or what the heck ARE you saying, because it most certainly happens.  It happens now.  It happens all over the place.
    •  And is it your contention that (0+ / 0-)

      "The entire town enabling these low lives"  is TYPICAL of life in these United States, today?

      Because, when it WAS ... and I remember a time when it was ... a story like this wasn't a three day wonder on all media.

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