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  •  Do we even dare bring up... (11+ / 0-)

    Julian Assange?  And his legions of "they're just lying jealous sluts and/or paid off by the CIA" defenders here on DK?

    The accuser for whom the rape allegation is about had half a dozen people who knew her testify to her paranoia about unprotected sex, including her previous boyfriend who she not only never allowed unprotected sex in their 2 1/2 years together, but even made him get STD tested before protected sex.  An accuser who texted and talked with a friend after a night together with Assange but before the incident in question, complaining about how mad she was getting that he kept trying to F* her unprotected despite her refusing and how he's bossing her around.  How she ran into her brother when buying breakfast during the same time period, who described her as looking shaken when the topic turned to Assange.  Before the incident.

    But oh no, we're supposed to believe Julian's "she came back, fell asleep, woke up, and then consented for the first time in her life to unprotected with the guy she was mad at" story.  And why are we supposed to believe that?  Because he's Julian Fucking Assange, Liberal Hero, so anything that bad happens with him is a CIA conspiracy or jealous sluts.  It doesn't matter that the guy has a mile long history of this sort of stuff, the self-described "chauvinist" who wrote blog entries about how womens' brains can't do math and how he's a god to women, a guy already accused of cyberstalking a teenager, who dozens of Wikileaks volunteers and associates complained of his sexism, who brought in people like the unimaginably sexist writer Israel Shamir into Wikileaks and defended him from criticism... oh no, he could never do anything like that!  Because he's a Liberal Fucking Hero.

    I apologize, but people here's dismissive reactions to that case really sets me off sometimes.  And worse than the dismissive reactions are when they accept what was alleged but then try to argue that that's not rape. Here, on Daily Kos!  Where I've seen people call what was alleged is "just night moves" or saying that she consented because "she slept with him before" or because "she went back to sleep in the same room" or because "she didn't physically stop him after she realized what he was doing" (never mind the "thought it was too late" and "was in shock" aspects).  

    Let's be abundantly clear: If you don't get AFFIRMATIVE consent, EVERY time, it's rape.  Period.  And just because you've gotten away with it before or the person happened to be into it doesn't change the issue.  You can NEVER assume consent - and in this case, especially when it had been explicitly refused over and over.  

    Consent doesn't need to be some sort of signed contract.  It doesn't even need to be spoken.  Smiling and pulling you closer or whatnot, something that a reasonable person would interpret as affirmative consent, is consent.  But consent must be given in some way or another, every time.  And a sleeping, drunk, or drugged person cannot give consent.  And if you got away with it before because the person just happened to be into it when they came to, I hope like heck you never get into a situation where they're not into it and you do it to them anyway.  Because you'll damn well deserve whatever jailtime you get.

    Just my 2 krónur.

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