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View Diary: NO! Pandering to the Rape Culture. (264 comments)

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  •  i'd also rec this 1000 times if i could, Sirenus. (6+ / 0-)

    that said: just because we are taught to do these things for our protection, it doesn't absolve males from responsibility for their actions.

    suppose every thief who burglarized an unlocked home or car was set free with a wrist slap while the owner of the home or vehicle was forced to take the blame for the burglary?

    do we think that leaving our homes unlocked means that we consent to being robbed?

    are homicide victims complicit in their own murders if they don't wear bulletproof vests?

    there are so many levels of wrong in the way that our society is reacting to the stuebenville rape.  

    "The Republican party primarily exists to represent the interests of business elites in the political sphere and redistribute power and resources to the wealthy. Its enduring values beyond that end have always been up for grabs." Gary Younge

    by politik on Wed Jan 09, 2013 at 04:47:56 AM PST

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