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View Diary: NRO: Romney would have won if we had just changed the rules (154 comments)

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    I have believed that redistricting should be done by non-partisan means in order to better follow the principles of the Constitution.  Iowa has a model redistricting method for a good starter.   A non-partisan commission proposes a map that is then sent to the legislature for up or down approval.  If it is voted down a second non-partisan map is sent over.  same thing..  up or down.    if down (has never happened) a third non-partisan map is sent that can have minor amendment, but if that fails, it goes to the courts.   Since the law went into effect, there has never been a go at the third amending map step.   And you wind up with districts that are considered based on compactness, fair distribution of population and some effort to preserve traditional representation.  

    So if we go to Electoral Votes by C.D., it needs to be non-partisan and a reflective sampling of populations, effectively non-gerrymandered districts.  

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