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View Diary: NRO: Romney would have won if we had just changed the rules (154 comments)

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    There's no way to 270 without going through some Republican legislatures, and the Republicans loathe this idea. In order to bring it to fruition, we'll need to take over some more state legislatures. Which should also be a priority since we have more or less a zero chance of retaking the house until 2022, and only then if we retake some state legislatures and make the districts saner.

    But we aren't prioritizing that, and realistically I don't see that as likely to change until at least 2018. By which time it will almost certainly be too late. (And that's assuming it changes at all.)

    •  R Voters Strongly Support a national popular vote (0+ / 0-)

      More than 2,110 state legislators (in 50 states) have sponsored and/or cast recorded votes in favor of the National Popular Vote bill.

      In 2011, the Republican-controlled New York Senate passed the National Popular Vote bill by a 47–13 margin, with Republicans favoring the bill by 21–11. Republicans endorsed by the Conservative Party favored the bill 17–7.

      The National Popular Vote bill has passed 31 state legislative chambers in 21 states with 243 electoral votes. The bill has been enacted by 9 jurisdictions with 132 electoral votes - 49% of the 270 necessary to go into effect.

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