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View Diary: Naomi Judd: Ashley Judd Still Mulling Senate run Against Mitch McConnell (35 comments)

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  •  Ventura also challenged the status quo (0+ / 0-)

    And I give Jesse Ventura and his campaign manager for running probably the most effective Independent campaign in recent political history.  I admire Ventura and his efforts to speak his mind.  He's more articulate and smarter than most other wrestlers out there.  Certainly no Hulk Hogan.

    I will say though, as much as I admire Ventura, I don't recall him being the most effective Governor in Minnesota.  He could have prepared himself much better for office.  On the other hand, he's certainly no idiot in the realm of Rick Scott, Scott Walker, etc.  I just think Ventura seems to talk too much about how he was principled because of being an Independent Governor.  Gee, as if being Independent automatically means you've got more ideas and communicate better with constituents.  Obviously Ventura never pays attention to C-Span or reads enough legislative history.

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