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View Diary: Obama staged Newtown shooting with 'crisis actors,' says professor who is totally not a crackpot (298 comments)

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    in fact I was thinking of writing a diary about this but I have never done a diary so I was kind of intimidated. I have several libertarian friends who, since Newtown especially have become more and more into these conspiracies. Some are "old hippies" some are Ron Paul loving teenagers, friends of my daughter.. there are so many out there, I'll post a few links but the common thread is that Newtown was staged, so was Aurora, evidence you ask? the word "Sandy Hook" appears on a map in "The Dark Knight Rises." Other "evidence" - the medical examiner looked kind of dorky when being interviewed right after the shooting, How about Adam Lanza's dad worked for someone (GE Capital?) who had something to do with the LIBOR scandal. And the couple in Florida (mentioned in another comment) who bear a passing resemblance to one of the grieving parent couples- so they must be actors... It's so profoundly disheartening that people that I know and actually like, are so misguided, so anti-government (except for their SSI, student loan...etc) so Anti-Obama that they will buy into anything...
    but I must say that it's also disheartening that as I read
    the comments below, so much of it was about FAU, New College, Chicago, tenure and there seems to be little awareness of these rampant rumors which are fueling panic, paranoia, fury, and probably planning for armed revolt on the part of gun activists, extreme libertarians, etc. I'm really concerned that the lack of communication between the various "bubbles" in this country is going to lead to real trouble.

    and pages and pages more

    •  Formulate a question. In this case, the question (0+ / 0-)

      is, was the shooting was staged or not?

      Then you look for evidence supporting your question. The evidence is, people looked like other people and some other 'facts'.

      Once you have enough facts to support your question, you form a hypothesis as to why and how this happened.

      Then there are predictions based on your hypothesis.

      Then you test your predictions.

      Then you analyze the results of your test and put it forth for peer review.

      If you skip any of these steps or are not rigorous in gathering evidence, your postulate never even achieves the Theoretical stage.

      "If you tell the truth, you won't have to remember anything", Mark Twain

      by Cruzankenny on Thu Jan 10, 2013 at 06:15:07 AM PST

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