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    SouthernLiberalinMD, Ian S

    I'm an interdisciplinary Ph.D. political scientist with a psychology, sociology, statistics, modeling, philosophy of science, epistemology, and, in recent years Knowledge Management background.

    During the President's election campaign I had high hopes. Then in 2009, I began blogging politics and became quickly disillusioned with the President. As time went by, I gravitated towards the MMT approach to economics and learned it, pretty well I think. And now I blog on that most of the time with occasional interruptions to blog about the Interactive Voter Choice System as a platform for taking back democracy.

    I jumped on Platinum Coin Seigniorage as soon as I heard about it from beowulf in November 2010. I had the first blog post that quoted beowulf extensively on the idea and then encouraged him to post. He posted the first blog post focused on PCS on January 3, 2011. I then posted the second blog post on the subject on January 5, 2011. I've been blogging it very frequently since then, and was the first person to urge the President to use coin seigniorage at the beginning of 2011. I probably have done more writing about the political and economic aspects of it than anyone else.

    I supported the President in his re-election this time around, because I was persuaded and am still persuaded that Romney would be much worse. But right now I'm focused on pressuring the President to use $60 T platinum coin seigniorage. If he does that, then I think it will end austerity; and I want that badly for my chidren and grandchildren

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