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View Diary: New study forecasts mass extinction in 100 years due to Climate Change (226 comments)

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  •  This is why I am both furious with my corporatist (11+ / 0-)

    Republican brother & his even more deluded pro-fossil fuel kids.  My communicating SCIENCE that says we're creating a hellish existence for our 3 grand kids gets nowhere.  They see global-warming science as a conspiracy ag the fossil fuel industry.  And by brother's an educated guy -- Ivy League MBA, CEO of a tech manufacturing firm,  & former BOT chairman for a large tech university.  And on "social issues," he's close to being a moderate liberal.  But when it comes to any science that challenges corporate interests, he might as well have left school after 3rd grade.  

    IMO, we have American journalism to thank for the irresponsible stupidity of people like my brother:  Faux News, the destruction of the relatively responsible WSJ news staff by Murdoch, and the cowardly fake balance compulsion and scientific illiteracy of the bulk of the MSM.  

    •  Faux news =not journalism, however (2+ / 0-)
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      Creosote, PHScott

      there should be a law on what types of organizations can call themselves "news" and use the term "fair and balanced". Perhaps a "truth in advertising" doctrine. We do with food products...they can't say they are "low fat" without meeting certain criterea. The danger of faux news being "digested" as real news like your brother and the legions like him do is even more dangerous.

      I am so sorry about your brother. Look up the definition of propaganda and brainwashing. We joke about Fox News that way but they actually do meet the criterea. Your brother and his ilk are in fact brainwashed and should be pitied. You are right to blame those that did it. The correcct response is sorrow tho I certainly understand your anger at someone who shared your childhood.
      It's sad to think those we love can fall for it. Just remember that the average person can...look what happened in nazi Germany...enough people fell for it that those that didn't were outnumbered and silenced.
      I am not kidding. I think it is an apt comparison though the results so far are of course not comparable. So far.

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