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  •  Divest, Tax Carbon (7+ / 0-)

    Here is what is doing.
    1) organize a divestment campaign to make sure people know 80% of the below ground oil and coal reserves are 'worthless', i.e. they can't be used without destroying the biosphere.

    The divestment campaign is the beginning of a division of those who believe this (like anti-apartheid), and those who want to continue profits as usual (like slave owners, white supremacists).

    1.5) End all oil exploration.  No need for more reserves that cannot be tapped.

    2) Once the division has reached critical mass, enforce a broad based carbon tax to make it prohibitively expensive for oil companies to take it out of the ground.  This would also include punitive sanctions against petro states like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, unless they stopped drilling.

    The carbon tax is the ultimate weapon - because it is how we will finally have a power greater than the oil companies.

    Think of this like the war to end slavery.  We have to be the climate abolitionists - and fight a war against our enemies  - and eventually destroy them because that is the only moral choice before us.

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