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View Diary: Would You Play a Video Game about Black Slavery and the Underground Railroad? (54 comments)

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  •  You never know (1+ / 0-)
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    what might spark an interest into a life-long obsession.

    A really badly done documentary sparked an interest in me in a certain aspect of history that led to a 20 year quest for knowledge on the subject that has now made me a leading expert in the field.

    Not one of us can truly understand anything we did not experience first hand.  We can't, although some of us try harder than others.  History is not one thing.  It is a multitude of different experiences, and today we are all outside of it, although some of us experience some similar aspects more than others.

    But we never know what will trigger an interest in knowing more.

    And it is that desire to know more that will allow people today to bring forward voices from the past, instead of letting them sink into obscurity.

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