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View Diary: The House 67: Roll Call -- Hurricane Sandy's Hall of Shame (10 comments)

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    posted a few days ago:

    I matched up these Congressmen
    with donations from the Koch Bros--who fought Sandy funding.

    Now, Americans for Prosperity has sent letters to members of Congress, warning them NOT to vote in favor of pending bills establishing relief funds for Sandy victims. Veiled threats in the communications warn them that Koch Bros’ money will be used for massive attack aid campaigns against those who fail to heed their warnings.
    Steve Lonegan, the head of a New Jersey chapter of Americans for Prosperity, publicly stated the organization’s position, calling the aid package a “disgrace” and further stating that there is no government responsibility to assist such victims, who should be responsible for helping themselves.
    Taken together, 13 of these guys got $138,900 from the Kochs and all received a 100% score from Americans for Prosperity.

    Amash - 2500
    Chabot - 21,000
    Franks - 7500
    Gowdy - 7000
    Graves - 7500
    Harris - 15,000
    Heulskamp - 15,900
    Jordan - 5000
    Lamborn - 20,000
    Neugebauer - 24,000
    Schweikert - 10,000
    Stutzman - 2500
    Wilson - 1000


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    by SottoVoce on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 02:17:48 PM PST

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