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View Diary: Right Wing Clown Show wants Dianne Feinstein charged with treason; exceeds petition threshold. (33 comments)

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  •  Why don't we (3+ / 0-)
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    pistolSO, greenotron, trumpeter

    sponsor a petition that says you get to own all of the guns you want, but to do so, you have to be part of a well regulated militia.

    The well regulated militia would require:
    -  All members are registered
    -  To become registered you have to pass certain qualifications (no mental illness, no felonies, or whatever)
    -  All weapons are documented
    -  To own the aforesaid weapon, you must prove that you are proficient in its use (i.e. certified for each weapon)
    -  To maintain possession of the weapon, you must undergo and pass a physical every two years
    -  You must also re-certify on weapon proficiency every year
    -  You must attend at least 8 hours of safety training per year
    -  You must report for militia duty for one or two weeks per year
    -  You must be available to support the United States in times of war

    I am sure there are other things that would ensure our militias are well regulated, but this (to me) is a start.

    •  Add to that: (1+ / 0-)
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      Swear the same oath that all of our military personnel do.

      I am not religious, and did NOT say I enjoyed sects.

      by trumpeter on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 03:49:46 PM PST

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      •  don't we call that the National Guard? /nt (1+ / 0-)
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        And we sail and we sail and we never see land, just the rum in the bottle and a pipe in my hand...

        by Mortifyd on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 04:56:17 PM PST

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        •  That's part of the militia (1+ / 0-)
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          The militia has two components, the organized militia (the National Guard) and the unorganized militia, which is basically every adult citizen. The militia is ALWAYS accountable to the state or to the federal government when activated.

          Not that we're likely to ever activate the unorganized militia. But there are a lot of private armies which believe the purpose of the militia is to overthrow the government if they don't like it. The intent of the militia was to avoid having a standing army to avoid the possibilities of military coups. Any private army that doesn't recognize the chain of command isn't part of a well-regulated militia.

          The wolfpack eats venison. The lone wolf eats mice.

          by A Citizen on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 07:14:00 PM PST

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          •  hrm. where does it say that Joe Bubba and his (0+ / 0-)

            hunting rifle are part of any militia since we have both a standing Army and a National Guard?  Eligible for a draft - possibly - but how did that two part thing come into play?  Private "militias" should be illegal - see standing Army and National Guard.


            And we sail and we sail and we never see land, just the rum in the bottle and a pipe in my hand...

            by Mortifyd on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 09:29:59 PM PST

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            •  The Militia Act of 1903 (3+ / 0-)
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              trumpeter, Mortifyd, pistolSO



              The reserve militia[3] or unorganized militia, also created by the Militia Act of 1903 which presently consist of every able-bodied man of at least 17 and under 45 years of age who are not members of the National Guard or Naval Militia.(that is, anyone who would be eligible for a draft). Former members of the armed forces up to age 65 are also considered part of the "unorganized militia" per Sec 313 Title 32 of the US Code.[2]


              According to US law, the militia has two components: the organized militia (the National Guard and Naval Militia) and the unorganized militia.

              I agree that private militias are not militias at all. Nothing prevents people from training in the highly unlikely event that the unorganized militia was called up, but the militia is not a private army with its own agenda.

              The wolfpack eats venison. The lone wolf eats mice.

              by A Citizen on Wed Jan 09, 2013 at 05:30:37 AM PST

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          •  Are you referring (0+ / 0-)

            to the fact that many of the folks who 'collect' weaponry consider themselves a militia, or have established a type of club or fraternity that they call a militia?

            Are you including (or excluding) the gun owners who have guns that are used for hunting, or a single gun for personal/home protection?

            I guess I am confused by 'unorganized militia'.  To me, by definition, an unorganized militia is not well regulated (which seems like it is contradictory to the 2nd Amendment - even though the Supreme Court has ruled rather broadly on this issue).

            And for that matter, if they are unorganized, how in the world would they ever be activated.

    •  First, you'd have to change the definition ... (0+ / 0-)

      of what "well-regulated" meant at the time the 2nd Amendment was crafted, which was only something along the lines of "in good working order".

      In other words, the term does not mean what some think it means.  

      "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the universe." -- Albert Einstein

      by Neuroptimalian on Wed Jan 09, 2013 at 08:20:25 AM PST

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